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Credit card repayment methods

Credit card repayment methods

1, pay off the minimum payment

the so-called minimum payments, generally refers to the Bill of one-tenth and interest, fees and. However, each bank has different algorithms for each bank standards. If you can't pay off at once, you can select the method of repayment.  When this method of payment is chosen, consumers need to understand credit card banks interest on overdraft consumption, because the money you have paid, interest on the repayment at a later time to calculate.

2, one-time pay off

consumer plans basically would choose this method of payment. Each bank will give credit card interest-free time is generally 30 to 60 days.  This is a good method of repayment, don't waste your money, advance the money in the Bank at the same time.

3, automatic debt repayment

this repayment may seem unfamiliar to you. It refers to the cardholder in cash at the bank counter or self-service deposit repayment options on my computer, in fact, there is a more simple method of repayment, not only do not need to use cash, can be calculated from the Odyssey and also pain. Many credit card issuers now offer automatic payment service, in other words, if you have money in the Bank's debit card, just signed an agreement with the banks, banks will follow during the interest-free period you mean full deduction or at minimum payment monthly withholding payments.