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Provident Fund loan options

Provident Fund loan options

loan smart choice

after the purchase money is the most important choice of loans, minimizing their burdens, and ensure the continuation of the quality of life. Current bank loans have the following three ways: portfolio reserve loans, commercial loans and lending. Crop financing experts suggest that consumers choose Provident Fund loans.

If the Provident Fund loan limit is not enough, you can select portfolio lending. Portfolio lending refers to the application of the so-called provident funds when the loan amount is not enough to pay the Housing Fund, may also apply for personal commercial housing loan. Because of the housing provident funds in the repayment interest rate have a certain advantage, even with high interest rates on business loans repayment amount than the purely commercial loans can save tens of thousands of Yuan.   So even if the mortgage policy changes and ways of provident fund + business loan portfolio loans, buyers can easily repay.

interest project annual interest rate (%)

personal housing accumulation Fund Loan 1-5 years (5 years) 3.33

personal housing accumulation Fund loan 6-30 years (30 years) 3.87

current rates on Provident Fund loans in 3.87%, monthly amount is low, even lower than the 70 percent discount on real estate loans. Now as long as the couple pay Provident Fund 540 Yuan per month, can apply for a maximum loan of 800,000 yuan.