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Slow new infrastructure positions in the silver Fund Unit base positions 11 times times

all Sang Yong Jin, is surging ahead to conservative investment back? They will position bias has always been, the Fund holds equities as an important barometer of views on the future of the Fund.  When fund managers optimistic about the stock market as a whole, often staked substantial funds into the stock market, and when the cold winds of the stock market is approaching, funds managers will also be a lot of money into less risky investments.

the securities daily Fund Department (official Twitter app: securities daily micro-fund) journalists based on WIND data found that in the company stock Fund (including active stock funds and hybrid Stock Fund), part of the Fund's equities differentiation between severe.  Due to the new Fund takes positions in time, before the position was a calculated culling three quarterly reports to disclose information within three months (that is, from July 1 to September 30) to set up a Fund.

silver Fund in door position the greatest difference

significant size differences in the release-stock fund managers, are not common. Highest position leaning stock funds with the lowest position on the difference between stock fund over 50% companies, 9 of 63 fund companies.  Silver Fund as company stock position over the difference between the Fund's largest Fund, its highest position on the stock funds with the lowest position on the difference between stock fund, at 79.35%, followed by Manulife Teda Fund at 75.34%.

three quarterly reports shows that most fund companies between difference of positions concentrated in 10% and 20%, among 63 fund companies, a total of 17 fund companies in this sector.  In addition, the size difference between 30% to 40% there are many fund companies, 14.

silver fund its highest positions in stock fund with the lowest position highest difference between stock fund. In the silver Fund in 12 of its comparable funds, intelligent manufacturing holding silver than only 7.25%.  Silver themes strategies in the highest positions, holding up to 86.6% per cent, size 10.94 times times.

silver in intelligent manufacturing was established on June 19, 2015, current fund managers for Wang Wei. According to WIND data, the Fund's cash holdings at the end of the third quarter 2,584,175,900, net 52.21%. Holding other assets worth 1,831,343,300 yuan, accounted for more than 37%.  Market value of bonds held 199.96 million Yuan, accounted for more than 4.04%.

indicated in the investment policy of the Fund, by tracking the consideration of macroeconomic indicators and national policies to determine the economic cycle currently located and the future development direction, of the main categories of assets on the basis of risk analysis assessment and expected rate of return, and develop between the main categories of assets such as stocks, bonds, cash allocation, adjust and adjust the scope.


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