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Ranking ahead of year-end Sprint started the unit matrix "13 women" bite

year-end footstep slowly approaches, 2 months before the end in 2015.  In the "ups and downs" of the special year, the a-share market as well as the thousands of stock trading has experienced thousands of shares fell, stock fund's year-end rankings battle still fierce.  

as of October 30, the first 10 months of this year, Wells Fargo NET low carbon growth of 125.43% 31.29% to SGAM's lead over second-place China service optimization and fortune SGAM service preferred net rate is 94.14%; subsequent sinks Add private energy-rich net growth rate was 90.73%, ranking third.  

industry insiders say, low carbon and environmental protection in rich countries mainly due to the first two quarters, subsequent performance can be sustained, also depends on the Fund Manager's ability to grasp the market.  

unit matrix "13 women" bite and hold

the securities daily Fund Department in accordance with (the official Twitter app: securities daily micro-fund) WIND information statistics show that as of October 30, 614 funds so far this year, the fourth place to 13th among 22 "bite" was quite tight, net yield is less than 4%.

followed by large and small-cap funds 81.49% net growth this year, huatai Cadbury value yields this year is 78.47%, post net growth rate of 75.62% of strategic emerging industries, net growth rate of 74.32% the e Dakota, towns this year, net growth in rich countries is 74.21%, value selection of net growth rate of 72.68% the Chinese business, Bank advanced manufacturing net growth rate so far this year is 72.4%, Asset-light net growth rate this year is 71.71%, vote on people's needs this year net growth rate of 70.92% Morgan, CRC information media science and technology net worth growth rate so far this year is 70.66%.  Worth mentioning is that the duration of the Fund set up in more than 1.5 years.

low carbon stocks in rich countries all face

insiders said rich low carbon and environmental performance are more superior performance, with stock selection and market timing of fund managers ' ability to grasp the relevant. However, overall excellent performance of low carbon and environmental protection in rich countries mainly due to the first two quarters. Three quarterly reports showed that as at the end of the third quarter, the Fund's share of 2.945 billion, the final net value of fund units to 2.55 yuan; realized gains during the reporting period-356.5819 million Yuan, profit for the current period-1,126,170,800.  Meanwhile, the securities journal funds the Department notes that rich low carbon and environmental protection top-ten holdings compared to the second quarter, all face.  

three quarterly reports showed, were the top ten stocks for the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial Bank, China vanke, agricultural Bank, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of Beijing, China Minsheng Bank, Bank of China, Guizhou maotai.

among them, including Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial Bank, of the top three stocks, China vanke a shares market capitalization stock investments have exceeded 10%, respectively, and 12.65%, and 10.12%. Earlier in the show, low carbon and environmental protection in rich countries tend to configure profex shares, technology and other growth stocks of the storm.