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Net profit of China's four big banks collapse: lie to make money every day without

October 31 three quarterly reports of listed companies, "Finish", all of the 16 listed banks also surrendered their performance report card: as the Bank of China failed to hold onto the last "line of Defense", four State-owned banks (industrial and commercial bank, China Construction Bank, agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China) net profit growth in the third quarter of this year full of nearly zero growth.

the first three quarters of this year, ICBC, China Construction Bank, agricultural Bank, Bank net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased by 0.59%, 0.66%, 0.51% and 0.31%. Wanted did not come, do not want "bad" but more fierce: the first three quarters of this year, the listed banks, bad loans and bad loan rate rose, agricultural Bank's rates are at 2%. The banks are accustomed to the "scale benefit" business models, are really anymore.

ping an Bank outshines in State-owned banks, apart from the agricultural Bank, and the remaining three big state-owned bank's net profit growth for six months reported declines, while Bank net profit suffered the largest decline, from 1.1% down to the 0.31% in six months time. The traffic volumes are relatively small banks, became the first three quarters of the only State-owned bank net profits above 1% "Edison alone." 1.01% growth in third-quarter net profit before the Bank realized net profits attributable to the controlling shareholder to 52.04 billion yuan.

However, despite the profit growth, "greatness", but this does not prevent the State-owned banks are making money: the first 9 months of this year, State-owned five rows together, achieved a total of 750.113 billion yuan of net profit, and other listed companies to catch up. Eight joint-stock banks listed in (China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Industrial Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Minsheng Bank, ping an Bank and Huaxia Bank), ping an Bank again "Chris dust" double-digit net profit growth in the other little friends "envy".

benefit from the investment, managed, financing and settlement of business development, the first three quarters of this year, ping an Bank's net profit grew 13.04%, operating income grew 30%. Joint-stock Bank China Merchants Bank and Industrial Bank's first two spot, although the saved location, third-quarter net profit growth of 5.89% and 7.39% before, still fall.

, including ping an Bank, joint-stock Bank "eight King", only the net profit growth rebound in the first half of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, 6.79% a 1.29% increase in annual net profit.