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Double flat look for opportunities where people finance read asset allocation

the Central Bank "double flat" after China entered the era of low interest rates. Financial management, has become a topic that makes people more and more tangled. Not intertwined with the unwilling, in line with expectations finance seems less and less, but holding only pocket money diminishes. How do we finance? Looking for financing on the gold Expo "seniors" is more aggressive than the young?

"I am the finance, to tell the truth after seeing so many, I didn't see a line with my expectations. "Golden Bo at the just-concluded meeting, more than 50 hand is holding hundreds of leaflets," from 2009, I have begun to invest in Internet financial, 20% yields should be normal, but when you look at these platforms, it was only about 10%, is too low. "

say their finances by, he seemed pleased: rate of return on investments is more than 18% of Internet banking products, but only short-term products within half a year and, of course, does not consider banking. This time, however, he disappointed the only. Gold Expo site, both on the bank financial seminars, or Internet banking platform stand, always crowded, many like Zhang's "greying".

and Mr Zhang is similar, the aunt said of the more than 60 years, the financial rate of return is too low now, "now I really don't know what to buy, so come listen to experts say. "What's interesting is, young people for higher yields without much impulse. Now 26 years old, wangjin (not his real name) while mobile APP has installed no fewer than 10 P2P platform, but his demands for financial rate of return is not too high, "I think about 10% about it, safety is the first priority. "Wang Jin says, he will not invest too much money at every house," this is called diversification, to guard against risks. "

" double flat "yields downward after funds are looking for a quality asset," put it in the Bank, will continue to evaporate not; put it in the stock market, fell not; on P2P, who knows when it's not...... "Lady with a variety of publicity, but dared not to invest in any field. "Double down" after whatever way seems to be unable to meet the requirements of current investor yields.

Central Bank Assistant Governor, Yin Yong think that "interest rates and reserve requirement ratio tool is used in space", once again to let the market realize that China's economy is still in the "cut the channel", interest rates down is still the trend of the future. In fact, stalemate is far more than that of China's financial markets: China's economy is in an important period of transition, more moderate recovery in the real economy, the effective demand is still limited. Large amounts of money in trying to find high quality and high-yielding assets.