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Three quarters of the Fund lost 6 scale non-currency 650 billion yuan billions

as of October 28, 102 funds the company's funds three quarterly full disclosure is completed, compared with the collective profit in the second quarter, mutual funds three quarterly reports is dire-an overall loss of 650 billion yuan.  Stock fund losses hit hard, the first half had been investors scoffed at currency and bond funds, is poised to achieve a positive return.

non-monetary scale of 6 companies of billions of

not only suffered losses on the stock fund shares suffered a steep drop in the third quarter. Buy Fund data show that significant decline in stock fund shares in the third quarter, stock funds fall in the share of 36.89%, mixed funds fall in the share of 33.85%.  Debt-money Fund share showed a significant growth, growth in the third quarter were 32.81% and 51.91% respectively.

but the fact that best represents the Fund asset management capacity, should be non-monetary funds. Data shows that despite the third quarter stock market crash, but public fund still has more than 3 trillion yuan by the end of the third quarter non-Monetary Fund, up 28% from 2.34 trillion yuan at the end of last year.

data show that non-Monetary Fund at the end of the third quarter exceeded 100 billion yuan of the fund company has 6, among them, Yi Fang Dafei Monetary Fund rankings, 215.2 billion yuan, is the only non-monetary funds exceeding 200 billion yuan of the company.  Chinese and non-Monetary Fund Fund size ranked second and third respectively about 195.4 billion yuan and 183.9 billion yuan, ICBC, China Southern and non-Monetary Fund Fund about 150 billion yuan.

cash assets remain "safe haven"

since October, the a-share market set for a strong rebound, however, because of fear, most investors still have cash management products as a stock market "safe haven".  Recently, the focus on "micro-finance" who will find in the "financial link", under a finance and insurance products occupy almost every "popular today" page.

This is the harvest Fund, China life insurance pension, Tencent ECR tripartite cross-sector has introduced the first currency of insurance products--"Guo Shoujia years." The annualized rate of return of the product 4.0437%, June 11 launched under management had reached 4.5 billion yuan.  Analysts said that the recent, accompanied by central banks falling again, high safety, good earnings and stable currency products natural market demand.

three major investment opportunities worth concern

four quarter a share will go from here? Central Fund believes that overall global slowdown, social factors such as population ageing, bring multiple economic imbalances, leading to domestic economic growth continued down the steps. The next few years, economic end of search may also continue, but probability or downlink speed and stall will fall dramatically.  As one of the main categories of assets, stock market patterns or can be summarized as "supply reform demands."

Central pioneer Fund Manager Zhou Yingbo to be appointed, said future investment opportunities in three dimensions deserve attention. First, the change in spending habits, culture and digital consumer, personal consumption, leisure and consumption rise, alternative to traditional consumption. Second, the scientific and technological progress and the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the great popularization of new materials, new energy, new technology, will profoundly change the world. Third, reform, domestic aspects of the system remains inefficient, and future through reform to free bonus space is enormous. At present, new energy vehicles, education and sports, culture, media, cloud computing, and data areas of concern, such as State-owned enterprises.