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Silly shocks, may wish to buy the Fund voted against the stock market roller coaster

after the oversold in the second quarter, a stock appears to be on the road long shocks. For ordinary investors, seize short-term opportunities in the market shocks is not an easy task. In view of the generally bullish about the stock market's long-term trend of the market, financial experts say, investors might as well try to fixed investment fund, you can split the cost, diversify risk, has the effect of compound interest, called in the volatile city, "reassured". After the holiday, a share to start a rally. But the rebound to happen overnight, on October 21, SCI-3.06%, Shen Chengzhi-5.87%, the gem-6.63%. Two days in a row since then turned red, the Shanghai composite recovered 3,400 points. The stock market "a roller coaster" and let investors realize a "heartbeat".

market view, after a rally rising too fast, October 21 of adjustment is normal, but future market or into strong shocks in the short term, perhaps sitting on the next stop "roller coaster". Face of the complex and volatile market, investors how to choose? If the sidelines, may miss the rebound of dividends; but rushed into, there are high risk quilt cover. Silver Fund, investors should pay more attention to long-term investment fund set to be smoothing short-term fluctuations, spread risk and share the cost, and without energy select sale point, can overcome the shortcomings of human nature or greed or fear, is the shock of investment in the city "perfect weapon".

"the investment emphasis is silly buy, smart enough to sell. "In in the silver Fund recently held of set voted tour told activities in the, has Taiwan" set voted godmother "of said of financial experts Xiao Biyan said, fund set voted without bother select points, any time are can entry, especially stock since high urgent fell Shi effect best," stopped Lee kept loss "; investors should set himself of check surplus points, to stock relative high again optional Shi profit settled. Xiao Biyan recommendations set the preferred long-term excellent performance on the stock fund because the shocks on the fluctuation of stock fund performance more, more play set flat cost, advantages of buying low and selling high.

Meanwhile, funds not only to merit, should also pay attention to portfolio investment, according to the investor's appetite for risk and earnings forecasts, flexible configuration the proportion of various types of funds. To in the silver fund its set voted brand "in the silver Hyatt set voted" series for cases, set voted combination according to risk returns grade different is divided into high, and in the, and low three class, risk bear capacity high of investors can selected silver returns, and in the silver China, and in the silver new economy, and in the silver dynamic strategy, partial unit type Fund combination, gets more high returns; and risk bear capacity lower of investors can in partial unit type Fund zhiwai match in the silver increased Lee, bonds Fund, and in the silver paid wallet, currency Fund, achieved assets of sound value-added.

it is worth mentioning that, in order to create a more competitive investment portfolio, "BOC Hyatt set" preferred the Bank of China, Bank of China gains, silver in the new economy, a large number of stars. Galaxy securities funds research center data show that as of October 22, mixed funds so far this year the average yield of 27.48%, silver silver silver dynamic strategies, in the new economy, earnings, Bank of China and other mixed fund yields this year were 57.42%, 51.73%, 37.14%, 27.96%, well above the average income or similar funds.

which, in the silver returns mixed fund this year yilai returns rate stability home similar products Top5, in the silver China, and in the silver returns established yilai of returns rate more is respectively up to 689.51%, and 319.79%, in similar type Fund in the top, its Fund Manager j continuous two years in China Fund reported hosted of China best Fund Manager selection in the Yong claimed "five years period interests class investment best Fund Manager" title.