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Paid 67 million for financial drain for the elderly

King over more than 60 years old and to the new era Trust Limited (hereinafter referred to as new times trust) paid 67 million Yuan, the purchased product after the expiration of Peregrine. On October 28, the King of old versus new era trust unjust in Inner Mongolia high people's Court of second instance trial, old King requiring the latter to return 67 million, plus interest.  The defendant submitted that, this case is the result of investment failure for the elderly, which belongs to the contract dispute.

old Wang claimed that trust was a bank branch in Beijing International hotel staff had recommended to her, both sides for many years, she is very trusting each other.  She purchased the product name "Xinfeng 1th", but were stolen and tampered with, became "13 boruige".


the plaintiff qualified contract signature was fake

October 28, at 9 o'clock in the morning, a King old vs new era trust unjust case in Inner Mongolia, the High Court of the second instance court.  Old King due to health reasons, did not participate in the hearing.

it is understood that the case on April 27 in baotou city intermediate people's Court of the first instance, old king who thought a new era trust unfair enrichment, ask back 67 million, plus interest. In addition, the old King says signatures on contracts are not signed, and asked for identification. On May 22, "fact not associated matter of identification and identification", rejected and identification applications.  The King refuses to accept the old, filed an appeal to the High Court, Inner Mongolia.

old King's attorney said, Wang was too interested in buying new era trust issuing trust products, on April 3, 2014 67 million Yuan into the new trust account. Signed by King of the existing old and new times trust purchased "13 boruige" contract of trust product and a series of documents, sign is not written by the old King himself, so is the bogus contracts, "and there is no contractual relationship between, request new era trust return of unjust enrichment of 67 million Yuan. "

lawyer said, in April 3, 2013, King old too to era trust purchase of trust products is" Xin wind 1th, ", at signed of purchase the products of contract, and trading instruction, series file," one years Hou to has products the honour of when, was from King old too home in the stole has ' Xin wind 1th, ' of all file, zhihou King old too accused know she purchase of '13 boruige ' appeared honour problem, cannot honour. Old King never knew '13 boruige ' this product, while new times Trust provides the old King signed to buy '13 boruige ' contract as well as a series of files. However, Wang said she has not signed these documents on Word. We have also been looking for experts, signature on these documents are not old King is checked, then the contract is not established, was forged. "The

defendant in this case is caused by failed investment

Trust's attorney said the new era, old Wang since the plaintiff new era trust account remittances, and remittances to a single trust account, the plaintiff's intention is real clear, and know the product after payment problems had sent people to attend the creditors ' meeting.  So there is no need for judicial identification of the signature on the contract.

"this case was caused by the old King after the failure of investment, the investment is risky, does have contractual relations between the parties, ' Xinfeng 1th ' does not exist. "Counsel," 13 boruige "trust products, new age trust made a channel business, received the money and are transferring money to Cinda securities. The journal voucher in the evidence shows, new times trust on April 18, 2013, 67 million by Cinda securities limited liability company accounts, Cinda securities is "13 boruige" trust products distributor.