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Financial planning

loan application procedure

first, the eligibility criteria:


21 years of age, holders of valid identity cards, monthly income more than 2000 Yuan, household registration open, able to provide proof of work (employment contract), proof of income (last three months personal bank running account) and proof of address (lease contract) can receive a copy of the above loans.

II, item

1, salary loans

easy loans.   Applicants 21 years of age, provide proof of identity, proof of income, proof, you can apply for.   

2, landlord credit

loan products specifically tailor-made for property owners, no mortgage, no guarantee, just have a real estate or mortgage of real estate, you can easily obtain loans!   

3, owners of private loans

specifically tailored loan products for private property owners, no mortgage, no guarantee, just owning real estate or mortgage of real estate. deep and have their own businesses or individuals, have fixed income Bank water.

4, and small enterprise loan

small enterprise loan, without mortgage, loan threshold low, procedures simple, term flexible, approval fast, lines highest can up 500,000 yuan, is small enterprise preferred loan programme

loan conditions:

1. in Bureau registered of SMEs

2. registered time 1 years above (containing 1 years)

3. in Bank open State on public account

4.  Annual turnover of just over 2 million Yuan

5. loan loan amount:

1. minimum loan amount of RMB 8000.

2. the maximum loan amount for 500,000 yuan.